Why I Am Choosing Year Round Homeschooling

We are just starting our journey in homeschooling our kids, knowing it will be stressful as well as enjoyable all at the same time. I searched, and searched, and searched to find the perfect yearly homeschool schedule. Did you know that there are so many different options when it comes to homeschool schedules (traditional, year round {Sabbath}, calendar, loop, block, and term) because I certainly didn’t!!! When I  started to read about each one and got to know the difference  between each schedule style I realized year round homeschool was totally for my family!

Why We Are Homeschool Year Round


What is Year Round Homeschooling??

So what is year round homeschooling anyway you ask?? Well year round homeschooling also known as Sabbath homeschooling is when your school runs for 180 days but spreads out the days across the year with breaks in between terms, usually six weeks on and the seventh week off thus Sabbath homeschooling, instead of a long summer break.

Why I Choose Year Round Homeschooling For Our Family??

Why is year round homeschooling the perfect option for our family you ask? Year round schooling is a perfect fit our family because of the consistency, flexibility, extra practice time, less chance of regression, less stressful, more breaks for real life, and the ability to plan around vacations, breaks, and unexpected situations (child-birth, surgeries, moving, etc.).

The consistency of year round homeschooling will remove the transition of our children back into school routines. The flexibility to take breaks when needed is great especially for when if/when you and your kids may end up sick (you can’t really plan when that’s going to happen). If our children are having trouble with a subject having the extra time to focus on that topic is wonderful. Children that are homeschooled year round have less chance of regression and back sliding in education because there is less downtime in between school years. Year round homeschooling is less stressful because you have built-in prep time and this type of scheduling allows for more days to fit your homeschool in. With the extra days in your homeschool schedule you have more time to deal with real life situations for disciplining your children. If you have a family vacation  or break (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc.) you can schedule your homeschool around such situations.

How I’m Planning Our Year Round Homeschool Schedule..

My first thought when looking for homeschool planning printables was of course Pinterest, I mean who doesn’t use it now a days, when I came across some really awesome planning printables. You can check them out here. If you haven’t heard of Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus you should really go check her out now, go ahead I will be here when you get back.

Here are the steps I took when scheduling our homeschool year:

  1. I went through the homeschool curriculum we have purchased to get an idea of what I would be teaching, how can you plan for the topics you need to brush up on if you don’t know when you will be teaching that topic.
  2. I then picked our first day of school and our last day of school.
  3. Depending on your states homeschool laws you’ll want to pick a date for turning in any portfolios or any reports, for my state we don’t have to report anything until our children turn eight years of age. You can find out your states laws here.
  4. Mark off the days for any noted vacations and holidays.
  5. Add any field trips and co-op activities to your calendar, this year we are skipping the co-ops just because this is our first year homeschooling.
  6. Now it’s time to figure out your lesson plans and extra curricular activities for the week. I chose to use this really awesome printable from Full Time Wife Life.
  7. Lastly gather all you homeschool curriculum and start planning all the subjects out be week.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to start our homeschool year! We plan on having a stress free (well as stress free as possible with to little ones) and flexible year, that has plenty of time for myself and my husband to disciple and train our children in everyday real life situations.

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