Simple 2-Step Bible Study Method

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Hey Friends.

Sometimes as busy moms we don’t have a lot of time to study our Bibles in the mist of everyday life. So I’m going to share with you how I use this simple 2-step Bible study method when I’m studying my Bible.

Bible Study Method Step 1:

The first thing I do when studying my Bible is pick a devotional (where it be a book or blog post). The devotional I am currently reading is Messy Beautiful Love Hope and Redemption for Real-Life Marriages by Darlene Schacht. You can checkout my opinions on some other great devotional books here. I read a lesson or chapter a day.

Bible Study Method Step 2:

Then I find the scriptures that the lesson or chapter is pertaining to in my Bible and read it from my Bible. Then I highlight the scripture in my Bible with my highlighting system and I jot down a quick note on how the scripture applies to my life at that given time.

Highlighting System:

I color code my Bible by the topics that pertain to my life. Yellow is my relationship with god, Pink is my marriage, Orange is parenting, Green is Homemaking, and Blue is homeschooling.

All these areas pertain to my personal life and everything that I do, you can switch them to fit your life. The highlighters I use for my Bible can be found here.

What Bible study method do you use?? 

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