Top 10 Must Haves to Start Your Homeschool Year

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As we get ready to start the first year of our homeschool in July, there are a few things that I had to have to help our homeschool year run a little smoother. Every family is different and each families needs will be different but here are a few of our families must haves:

1. Curriculum.

Curriculum is an obvious must have for your homeschool year, but be was sure to take your time choosing your curriculum. Be sure to keep your child’s needs and learning style in mind and also your teaching style when choosing your curriculum.

2. Crock-pot + Crock-pot Liners.

Crock-pots are an absolute must have for homeschool families or just busy families in general. They save so much time by throwing your meal in the crock-pot in the morning and at dinner time you serve. The crock-pot liners are just as brilliant. They make for a quick and easy clean up.


Crock-pot Liners

3. Snack Cups.

Snack cups are a must have because they offer a drink and a snack in the same cup. No more interruptions for snacks and drinks because you can have them ready and just hand them out without ever having to stop your homeschool instructions.

Snack Cups

4. Dry Erase Boards.

Dry erase boards are great for the homeschool area. We have one on the wall for our homeschool instruction when I’m teaching and we also have some small portable dry erase boards for the kids to practice their letters and numbers.

Dry Erase Board

5. Laminator + Sheets.

I love my laminator. It helps to keep highly used paper items from wear and tear. Your laminated items can also be used with dry erase or wet erase markers as a homemade dry erase board.


Laminating Sheets

6. Wet Erase Markers.

Wet erase markers are a must have because you can write on a dry erase boards, laminated, and  pages in sheet protectors without it easily wiping away like dry erase markers.

Wet Erase Markers

7. Sheet Protectors.

Sheet protectors help to protect your important papers but can also be used with dry and wet erase markers for a homemade dry erase board.

Sheet Protectors

8. Hole Punch.

A hole punch is a great thing to have on hand when your homeschooling because you can hole punch and bind all your paperwork into one area.

Hole Punch

9. Quick + Easy Recipes.

Quick and easy recipes are a must for homeschool Mama’s. Homeschooling can be a frustrating struggle at times and a yummy quick dish for dinner will save your sanity.

10. Printer.

You need a printer if you plan to homeschool. There are so many great things online that are printables that can be very valuable to your homeschool (planners, planning pages, lap-books, curriculum, etc.).


They are many more must haves for our homeschool year to run smoothly, to many to list but here are just ten of the items that have changed our homeschool experience and we are literally just starting.I hope you enjoyed reading about our top homeschool must-haves and I would love for you to comment below with your homeschool must haves!