Virtual Homeschool Co-op {2016-2017} Assignment #2


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Virtual Homeschool Co-op: Assignment #2

How do you handle the negative comments about your homeschool?

Who are the naysayers in your life:

Most of the negatives comments in my experience have come from family members who aren’t actively involved in our families everyday life.

Some of the comments I have heard are:

Children need to be around other kids their age to be socialized.

Children need to go to public school to learn manners.

You shouldn’t be teaching your kids because you don’t have a teaching degree.

Homeschooling is wrong and you shouldn’t being doing it.

How I handle it:

I handle the negative homeschool comments in my life by basically not bringing the homeschool topic up around the naysayers. I don’t really let them be apart of that area our life. If the naysayers still need their opinions heard then I hear them out and move on. I do not feel the need to justify our homeschool.