What’s On My Homeschool Wishlist!?

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What's On My Homeschool Wishlist!

As I’m sure most homeschool parents do, I have a homeschool wish list. There are so many awesome homeschool products out there how can you not have a homeschool wish list am I right?

There is no reason to buy everything all at once. Instead at it to a wish list and purchase the items of time, unless you have a large homeschool budget.

I know I don’t so I have been picking and choosing the ones that I feel are most valuable and slowly adding the extra items.

Top 5 Items On My Homeschool Wish List

1. Binding Machine.

I would love to print and bind my own planners and workbooks.

Binding Machine

2. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers + Crayons.

I know that my kids would to do art work with these scented markers and crayons.

Mr. Sketch Markers

Mr. Sketch Crayons

3. Facebook Like Stamp.

I would love to have this to stamp me kids papers to let them know that I approve of how they did their work and worked diligently.

Facebook Like Stamp

4. Globe.

This would our children to visualize the planet earth, continents, and oceans.


5. Books, Books, + More Books.

What homeschooling parent doesn’t love books and doesn’t want to be continually building on what books you have.

I know that are so many more things that I can add to list. These are the items I will slowly be adding to our homeschool space.

What homeschool items are on your wish list?